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Brake Fluid Change

Over time your cars break fluid will absorb moisture and this will affect your cars breaking ability. Common signs that you may need a break fluid change include a spongey break pedal, loss of breaking ability or break fade. Manufacturers recommended a change every 2 years.*Price shown may vary

Only £48 & £12

Air-con Regas & Refresh

Studies show that 10% of Air-con gas leaks from the system every year, this means the air conditioning in your car may not be working to it's maximum potential. Manufacturers recommended a recharge every 2 years, so come in today for a no hassle chat.*Price shown may vary

Free Wheel Alignment Check

Using the Hunter HawkEye, worth over £60!

Vehicle alignments are carried out by a fully trained skilled technician, adjusting the vehicle to the correct manufacturers specification.

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Tyres & Tow Bars

We specialise in helping our customers getting the best out of their cars, and that includes allowing them to bring whatever they need on their journey.

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Cambelt & Brake Repairs

Get your brakes seen to today by an expert at an affordable price. We'll have your car gripping the road like it was new.

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